Absolutely Delightful AZ Honey

We represent up to 8 local bee keepers depending upon the season. They distribute their hives and harvest honey from many different areas like Buckeye, Camp Verde, Flagstaff, Mesa, Lake Pleasant, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, and Wickenburg. This allows us to provide a wide variety of local seasonal raw honeys. Uniquely delicious, natural flavors include orange blossom, alfalfa, mesquite, desert wild flower, Flagstaff wild flower and catsclaw. From time to time we get small batches of rare honeys like creosote bush, camelthorn, fairy duster, prickly pear or staghorn (cholla) cactus honey. We also have a great variety of pollen and when available propolis and royal jelly.

Absolutely Delightful Arizona Honey has 7-weekly farmers markets. Here is a link to our Farmer’s Market Schedule.

With the addition of this web site in 2009, our business and customer base continues to expand. We have begun filling in orders across all 50 states. The wide variety of specialty honeys from Arizona are in high demand.

We would be absolutely delighted if you would visit us on Facebook; leave us your testimonial on how you have used our products. Share with us your favorite recipe or health tip. Tell us how Arizona Honey or any other product from the bee hive has impacted your health and life.


Town and Country Under Construction

By on September 10, 2014

temporary change in location

Temporary change of location for the Wednesday market.

Town and Country is under construction. The market will be at the Biltmore shopping center on 24th St and Camelback.
Watch for the sign twirlers!

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Bees Collecting Honey

By on November 14, 2012

Bees on Lavender 2

Mystery of the Disappearing Bees Solved

By on November 14, 2012

  If it were a novel, people would criticize the plot for being too far-fetched – thriving colonies disappear overnight without leaving a trace, the bodies of the victims are never found. Only in this case, it’s not fiction: It’s

bee with pollen on blue lupine

Honey by the Bucket

By on November 14, 2012

In 1911 a bee culturist estimated that a quart of honey represented bees flying over an estimated 48,000 miles to gather enough nectar to produce the honey.

Mark Your Calendars!

By on October 20, 2014

Now that the weather is nice, we are back at the  Sun City Market on Thursdays on a regular basis till April.   This Friday, October 24th is Food Day at Cesar Chavez Plaza on Washington St from 10 till


Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt

By on August 21, 2014

This is a fruit salad recipe that is on the Food Network website: Combine the yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean seeds in a bowl and set aside. Combine the orange juice and banana slices in a separate bowl.