Absolutely Delightful Honey

About Us

group-shot-2016Our Story

Almost 13 years ago we realized that local bee keepers were under-represented in the Phoenix local farmer’s markets, where we were selling a variety of other products. It was then that we decided to specialize in representing local Arizona bee keepers at the Markets that we were at.

When we first began, my two children, Annalee (10 years old) and Ian (9 years old) and I (Eleanor) were the whole crew. Farmer’s markets gave the kids experience running a business, managing money, customer service and public relations. Ian is now a full time student at ASU and continued with his regular Sunday market. Annalee is in the Army Reserves, works at the customer service department at Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe and represents 1-2 markets. Janice joined us in spring of 2010 helping out at some of the markets. Now she represents Absolutely Delightful at two markets. In total we have representation at six markets four days a week.

We will bee absolutely delighted to serve you at any of our seven markets.