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Frequently Asked Questions

Are We the Bee Keepers?

No, while we do love the bees, we also love not getting stung!
We represent several local bee keepers to bring our customers a large variety of seasonal honeys from all over the state.

Is There Pollen in the Honey?

Yes! All raw honey naturally contains pollen from the flowers the honey was harvested from. We do not add any additional pollen to the honey ourselves.

What is the Difference Between the Different Honeys?

Each honey is harvested by the bees from different flowers and in different locations across Arizona.
The type of nectar collected by the bees to make the honey, changes the color, texture and flavor of the honey.

How Do You Get Bee Pollen?

When bees land on flowers,
small hairs on their legs attract and hold pollen. When the bee keepers set up their hives, they arrange them so that when the bees enter the hive, a portion of the pollen is brushed off the bees legs. This pollen falls to the bottom of the hive where it can dry out and collected by the bee keeper.

Why Does Honey & Bee Pollen Help with Allergies?

When you have seasonal allergies, you are allergic to the pollen and allergens in the air. The pollen in honey or by itself acts like a flu shot in that it exposes your immune system to what you have a reaction to and helps you build a resistance to the pollen in the air.

Where is the Honey From?

Depending on the season, we work with up to 8 different bee keepers from all over Arizona. The seasons, and the types of flowers that are blooming determine where we are able to get the honey from.