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By on August 16, 2013

Beekeeping Hieroglyph

The Honeybee is mankind’s smallest domestic animal. This has been true for all of recorded history.


 EGYPT –  2017 B.C.E.

Under a full Moon the rowers drove the barges up the Nile. Their strokes synchronized under the drummer’s demands. The Great Pyramids stood as glistening giants in the distance. Their mirror polished marble surfaces still intact.

 The time had come again. Just after sunset the priests with their smoking incense burners and the bearers came on board. Dozens of hives hung from rings on poles, which weighed down on the bearers shoulders. The priests and their assistants, palm fronds in hand, drove the copious smoke from the incense burners over the hives. This calmed the messengers of the gods. One after another groups of bearers brought the countless hives on board.

It was time to move north to a warmer season. For the next six months the barges would move up the Nile toward warmer flowering regions. At each landing they would encamp and linger near the flowering fields and forests as long as possible. In the day the bees would fly from their hives and forage the land far and wide for nectar, pollen and water. At night they would return, each to their own hive, to sleep.

When the surrounding territory had lost its luster the priests would call for a move. The barges were moved only at night while the messengers from the gods slept.

In January they would begin the return trip back down the Nile. The barges weighted with honey were riding much lower in the water.

Was this cargo the “Manna from Heaven” spoken of in The Bible?

The ancient Egyptians believed that the bees were collecting honey that had rained down, from the gods in Heaven. The bees were believed to be messengers and incarnations of the gods who had bequeathed the honey.

Throughout Egypt hieroglyphics of bees were used to signal Omniscience, Power and Deity.

There is a translation of a papyrus that reads…

“When Ra weeps again the water which flows from his eyes becomes a bee. They work in flowers and trees of every kind and honey comes into being through Ra’s tears”.

  • Peace be with you. Please protect the bees. They are friends that we can’t live without!

Peace!  The “B” Informant


Source: “Robbing the Bees” – Holley Bishop – Simon & Schuster / Free Press

Photo Credit: Ken Stein / http://www.virtualinsectary.com/egypt.html