Absolutely Delightful Honey

Honey and health

The Truth about Honey

  1. Honey is the only natural sweetener that does not have to be refined and it is the only one that is not. Therefore, nothing is added or taken away, making it the world’s only perfect sweetener.
  2. There are as many colors and kinds of honey as there are plants from which the bees make the honey, depending on the kind of flower from which the nectar is taken.
  3. Honey differs chemically from any other sweetener. Honey contains minerals, nutrients, vitamins, acids and natural sugar, which table sugar or any artificial sweetener does not have.
  4. Honey is one of the only food products that will not spoil. It has been found some of the Egyptian pyriamid tombs.
  5. Honey has no “empty” calories only “natural” calories, everything the body needs to build and rebuild itself without adding weight.
  6. Honey is nature’s mystery. Bees do not make the honey from the nectar they gather by any chemical action. It is transformed into honey by enzymes produced in the honey sac, which converts the natural sucrose into honey.
  7. No person has ever identified all the ingredients of honey or knows exactly how it is made. Medical scientists have found that bacteria can not live in honey, while sugar breeds bacteria. Agricultural scientists have tested honey produced from plants heavily sprayed with pesticides and found that it never contains even a trace of any foreign chemical.