Absolutely Delightful Honey

What we need to know about HONEY

Many Varieties – Many Forms

There are many varieties of honey determined by the plants where the bees have collected the nectar. One example is Orange blossom honey. When orange blossoms fill the air with sweet perfume, bees are busy making choice golden honey. Genuine orange blossom honey is light amber in color, heavy in body, and has the aroma of a grove in bloom.

Honey is also available in different forms to choose from. These include liquid honey (which can be filtered and heated) or RAW, comb or solid (granulated or crystallized).

Liquid (filtered) honey is free of visible crystals. It is obtained by uncapping the combs and forcing the honey from the cells by centrifugal motion. It differs from comb honey only in the absence of the wax and that it may have seen some heat.

Raw honey has never been filtered or heated; it is removed from the comb in the same manner as liquid honey and bottled immediately. The natural benefits of this wonderful product is not disturbed by the heating or filtering process.

Comb honey, as its name indicated, is the honey in the comb as stored by the bees. Usually comb honey is served in its original size or cut into individual portions. This can be done by cutting the comb honey into squares with a knife dipped in boiling water. Chilling it thirty minutes before serving prevents loss of honey from the comb. Serve the individual pieces with a cocktail and some cheese. Yum!