Absolutely Delightful Honey

Testimonials from our Customers

Caitlyn, Phoenix

I LOVE this honey! The variety it so VAST, the flavors so UNIQUE! I love it in my TEA and lemonade! The ginger, cinnamon, and CHOCOLATE honey are divine! True Culinary Genius! 🙂

I have also noticed my allergies have gone down since I have used these products! For REAL Local Arizona Honey, really from Arizona not just packaged here, Absolutely Delightful is Absolutely Divine (and priced extremely fair!)

James, Phoenix

Eleanor, I just want to let you know how much your honey and pollen has helped me this year. When my wife brought home a jar of your honey and pollen and said it would help relieve my allergy symptoms, I was very skepical to say the least!

I had been using an inhaler several times a year and was preparing for what was predicted to be “one of worst allergy seasons” on record. All though doubtful, I took my wives advice and started taking a spoon full of honey and a spoon full of pollen every morning. For the first time in over 7 years I have not needed to use my inhaler!

Thank you for the solution to my allergy problems. No more doctor visits. Just a spoon of honey and a spoon of pollen a day and I am no longer suffering!


About 4 years ago my Harlequin Great Dane developed a skin allergy that the veterinarian could not resolve. I saw Absolutely Delightful bee pollen at a local Farmers’ market, and decided to see if it would work. Giving a tablespoon three times a week in food brought about a dramatic change, and in about 2 months. the sore and raw skin was healed. I have continued to add the bee pollen to the dogs’ food ever since, and the condition has not returned. Every time I see bee pollen I check it out, but none compares to the quality of the product that Eleanor carries.

Mark and Becky

Just a note to say how pleased we are with your fine products. I commute by motorbike and your lip balm has been a life saver from the AZ heat and sun. My wife uses your skin cream and it has cured her dry skin in two weeks, after several years of using what the Dr’s said would work. My advice to anyone wanting to buy any of your products is to do so with the knowledge that they are getting the best and most useful health care products ever.

The Sattlers

My husband has had dermatitis under his full beard for many years. Doctors have prescribed various types of cortisone creams to keep it under control. We finally decided to see if we couldn’t find some gentler, more natural products to deal with this. He is now using your Propolis Cream and is rash-free at last! He also feels his allergies have lessened this year after beginning to take your Bee Pollen a couple of months ago. Plus, your Raw Arizona Mesquite Honey is just the best…we love it’s wonderful, fresh taste. Thank You!


Been eating bee pollen for years and swear by the health benefits. Feeling great!


I have more energy when I take bee pollen and my allergies bother me less. I didn’t take it for a week and I was sluggish.


I bought some propolis cream from you about a month ago at the Phoenix Downtown Farmers Market. It was so amazing. I have had horrible excema for a year straight on my ankles and hands. I have tried so many different creams and doctor prescribed medicines and they barely helped. I was so itchy all the time and would often scratch off my skin while sleeping. My skin looked horrible and I was always trying to cover it up afraid that people would see how bad it looked.


I have been using your cream everyday for a month and my skin looked normal again and didn’t itch anymore. My husband has been calling it my “magic bee stuff”. However, yesterday my 12 year old used the rest of it.I had not realized how much I needed it. Already my skin is red and broken because I was scratching in my sleep again last night. Something I hadn’t done in a while. I was hoping you were going be be at a farmers market today? Or that perhaps I could come and pick up some from you directly? Thank you so much! This stuff is a godsend.

Wayne, Minnesota

I received the bee pollen you sent. Thank you! I appreciate your great customer service!

It definitely tastes better than what I had tried before. The texture is very crunchy and the taste is not quite as sweet as what I got in the spring, but I am using it every morning and feel energized.

Following my heart surgery last December a friend of mine suggested I add bee pollen to my diet. I am so glad he did! I feel better and all of my blood tests since then have been amazing.

I would be happy to test samples throughout the year and give you my feedback if you’d like. Thanks again!