Absolutely Delightful Honey

The Mighty Bee

By on July 5, 2013

So here we begin a new venture for this website. That Bee-ing, pardon the pun, the discovery of the life and places of bees. The reclusive manufacturers of the much-loved golden elixir themselves.

Most people or maybe or perhaps only many people, enjoy honey, but have no real clue about where it really comes from, except of course, the vague idea that it comes from bees.

We have heard of Worker Bees and Queen Bees…Drones too!

Perhaps you have been stung…ouch! You know they live in hives, whatever that is? I have seen a hive or two from a distance myself and I kept my distance. It looked pretty ominous. Other than that I am pretty much Bee ignorant. I see them on flowers every now and again gathering pollen.

I do really love honey. I mean I really, really love honey!

My job here is to bring stuff about bees to this website. I am The “B” Informant! I guess I will have to get a proper costume to wear while writing. It’s a about fitting in and it should help me focus on the subject.

The research has already begun, in the field, libraries and well..all over the place just gathering information. Bizzy as a Bee!

I look forward to learning along with you. It looks like there is a lot to learn.

Please don’t expect this to be too organized the flow of info. It will be haphazard at first. I expect the order will begin to reveal itself as the pieces arrive. Whenever that is.

So here’s a couple of tidbits to hold you until next month. Perhaps these will pique your interest or even stress you credulity.

  • Johannes Mehring; Germany, 1816-1875. Johanne was a cabinet-maker and an apiarist (Bee Keeper). He came up with the idea that a Bee colony is a single organism.  The Bees and the hive are just parts of that organism. This kind of organism is now known as a Super Organism. Ant colonies are also Super Organisms.
  •  Jurgen Tautz; Germany, also a 19th century kind’a guy believed that Bee colonies possessed the same characteristics as mammals!

You never know what you are going to find when you start looking.


The “B” Informant